Our Apiary Locations

Wild Thyme Apiary

The most valuable and highly medicinal
honey, produced at an altitude of 12,000ft
in the Miyar Valley of Lahaul Spiti district,
Himachal Pradesh. Loaded with vitamins
and antioxidants, Wild Thyme Flower
honey is valued as one of the best honey

from India.

Litchi Apairy

Our first produce of the year, comes from
Kaladhungi, Uttarakhand, located at an
altitude of 2400ft. Our bees work
tirelessly, in the Litchi Orchards in the months of March and April to produce this exclusive and aromatic Litchi Honey

Eucalyptus Apiary

Located in the heart of north India’s
Gangetic plains, in district Barabanki at an
elevation of 300ft. We produce our
medicinal Eucalyptus flower honey in the
month of November-December, that has
qualities to provide relief from cough,
cold and bronchitis, during the extreme
winter season.